good accountant for tax investigation

Nobody wants to be investigated by HMRC, but these investigations are becoming more evident in the current economic climate.

If you are chosen to be investigated, we can provide all the assistance required to ensure that you are fairly treated. We will keep you informed of developments throughout the investigation.

We will speak personally to the investigator of your case, providing them with all necessary documentation, putting your case forward and dealing with all enquiries.

Current & previous campaigns against
tax evasion by HMRC

HMRC are actively carrying out a number of campaigns, pursuing anyone who is not paying tax when they should be.

If your trade is being investigated, anyone who comes forward voluntarily and makes a disclosure to put their tax affairs in order will be dealt with more leniently by the Revenue. Once the amnesty period for the campaign ends, penalties will be much greater for anyone found to be evading paying tax.
In extreme cases, arrests and court cases can follow.

Current & previous campaigns include:
 home improvement trades
 direct selling
 people with missing tax returns
 tutors & coaches
 medical professionals

If you believe you should be declaring income that you have not previously declared (or under-declared), we can help you make a voluntary disclosure and ensure you are treated fairly if HMRC decide to investigate.